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5-10 Task

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     This research is affected by an academic research “The Study of the Consumer Behavior for Business Circle in Taichung City.” (Wang, 2007) Wang’s paper investigates consumer’s behavior in nine Taichung City’s commercial districts. This is the important reference for this study. Compare to Wang’s study, the same purpose is to investigate the consumer’s behavior. But the difference and unique characteristic of this research is that it choose Kaohsiung City’s two popular commercial district – Shinkuchan and Sanduo as the main object. The difference also discuss about consumer’s attitude and preference.


In order to correspond to the purpose of the study, research questions in this paper are as follows:

1. What are the demographic profile of Shinkuchan and Sanduo Commercial District?

2. What are the differences or similarities of the consumers’ behaviors, attitude and preference between Shinkuchan and Sanduo commercial district?

3. What differences and similarities results could be found between these two commercial districts?


     Moreover, according to the information from the literature review, this research propose a hypothesis that there were more student consumer in the Shinkuchan commercial district, but in the Shanduo commercial district, there were more office worker consumers. After analyzing the result section of the research, the most important findings are as in the following points:

1. According to the result from demography information of these two commercial districts, this research meets the hypothesis. In the Shinchuchan commercial district, the student are about 76%, remains are 24 % for office workers. But in the Shinchuchan commercial district, there are only 30% for students; others (70%) are office workers with different occupation. Because this gap of diverse proportion, it reflect in consumers’ income. In Shinkucan, most of consumers’ income are under NT20,000 (78%), But in Sansuo, the range of consumers’ income is quite large, only some are under NT20,000 (40%), others are higher than NT20,000.


     According to the full dissertation “The Study of Customer Behavior and Strategy management of Kaohsiung Hsin Chuch Chiang.” (Thai, 2003) In hers research, the demographic of the Shinkuchan commercial district also shows that about 63.8% consumers, their age range is 20-29 and about the level of high school and colleage education are occupied 51%. This data corresponds to my data.

2. The consumers in these two commercial districts are about 40% are male, 60% are female, women are more like shopping than men. Most of consumers are from southern of Taiwan, others are from central or northern. What is more, there are also some consumers from the main land China and Hong Kong come to visit Sanduo commercial district.

3. According to consumer’s habits, consumers usually chose the random period to shop in the commercial district. Also, they seldom come to visit in both commercial districts.

4. When the question ask all consumers about their preference in these two commercial districts. There are about 44% shows their preference for Shincuchan commercial district, the reasons are because it is cheap, closer, prosperous and the price is accetable. Some 22% shows they prefer to the Sanduo commercial district, the reason is because it is spacious, neat, fashionable, has fewer people and well atmosphere. Both commercial districts advantages are convenient and have diversity products. However, when it comes to ask about do consumer know Shinkuchan/Sanduo commercial district, about 15% consumers do not know Sanduo, but few 2% consumers do not know Shincuchan. This means Sanduo has less reputation than Shinkuchan.


     In addition, some consumers also talk about the advantage and disadvantages in these two commercial district, for example, a consumer comes to visit Sanduo Is because Sanduo has the bookstore ─ eslite. Another consumer also goes to Sanduo for Vieshow Cinemas. These show that eslite and Vieshow Cinemas can attract more consumers. But some consumers in Sanduo complain that the price is too expensive that not everyone can afford, especially for student. That is the reason why Sanduo has less student consumers than Shinkuchan. On the other hand, some consumers also complain about that it is not easy to park the car or motorcycle in Shinkuchan.


     Nevertheless, there are some limitations in this study. Because of the lack of time and money, the researcher cannot investigate every consumer in these two commercial districts. So this research is adopted random sampling to investigate. Researcher distributes the questionnaires on a certain area during a period of time. Moreover, some consumers are unwilling to fill in the questionnaire because of their personal reasons. This is also the limitation for this research.


     Such a research contributes in the field of studying the consumer’s behavior in the commercial district. Moreover, it can offer the reference to these two commercial districts’ organizers and it also provides some new information for the government to promote the selling strategy. There is no identical research study about the consumer’s behavior, attitude and preference in the Shinkuchan and Sanduo. In the future, researches about how to improve the selling strategy which based on the consumer behavior in Shinkuchan/Sanduo commercial district can be the future orientation.




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