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in-class task 4-12

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Applying the Technology Acceptance Model and Flow Theory to Online Consumer Behavior




1. What statistical measurements were used to present the results or findings of the study?


This study applied to the database of Dynamic Logic, Inc. It is a kind of online market research firm that specializes in the measurement of the effectiveness of
online ad. (p.10)



2. Show examples of how the summary of results were presented. Did the author use tables, figures, etc.?


Based on prior research, we expected the flow factors as well as the TAM factors to be correlated. Therefore, we factor analyzed our scales using principal components extraction with direct oblimin rotation, an appropriate method when there is reason to expect the factors to be correlated (Pedhazur and Pedhazur 1991). This analysis validated our instrument and the multiitem scales, as shown in the Appendix. All scales had
acceptable Cronbach’s alpha values (Nunnally 1967), as seen in Table 1.


The author use a lot of tables to present the result

for example:




3.How many relevant questions (from the survey or interview questions) were answered in the Results section? Provide an example where the author made a particular observation in relation to the question.


The author make a figure to present their nomological network but includes only the relationships that were supported by their data. (p.12)




In appendix B, the author also make a table to present the correlation between the questions. (p.15)


Appendix A.

According to appendix A.

4 items are: (1) I was absorbed intensely in the activity.

                  (2)My attention was focused on the activity.

                  (3) I concentrated fully on the activity.

                  (4) I was deeply engrossed in the activity.

These items belong to concentration category


and 3 items are: (1) I am very skilled at using the Web.

                        (2) I know how to find what I want on the Web.

                        (3) I know more about using the Web than most users.

These items belong to Skill category


According to appendix B.

Concentration have the correlation with the skill.

So those 7 items have the cor relationship.

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