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The name of Shinkuchan was original from the Juejiang commercial district in Yamcheng District. In past years, because of the geographical advantage that the Yamcheng District was near the Port of Kaohsiung, Juejiang commercial district began to be a famous concentration of foreign goods. It was very prosperous at that time. But due to the new construction of the second Kaohsiung Port and the Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone, the commerce structure tended to develop in southern or eastern. Moreover, the department store had risen up, so the Juejiang commercial district had gradually fallen into decay. However, in 1988, the practitioner took “Old Juejiang” shopping area as a good lesson, Shinkuchan commercial district used the innovative management to restart instead of the way of traditional establishment. The scope of Shinkuchan commercial district was from Wufu 2nd Road and Zhongshan 1st Road on Xinxing District in Kaohsiung City. It was also near the Datong Department Store, the Mercuries Department Store and the Oscar Cinema. The content of commodity focused on the young consumer groups as market position, including trendy clothes, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, and beauty salons. There were also many café stores, American and Japanese fast-food restaurants, and all types of vendors to provide for their consumers. The Shinkuchan commercial district was Kaohsiung's biggest shopping destination and had become a shopping paradise for southern Taiwan people. (Travel Information) (Tourism Bureau) (Kaohsiung Website)


Kaohsiung Sanduo commercial district developed in the late 1990s and it was adjacent to the Sanduo and Zhongshan Road traffic circles. There were many department stores and movie theaters located here include the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, SOGO, Mega'21 Far Eastern Shopping Complex, Vieshow Cinemas and Sanduo Cinemas. The Sanduo commercial district was also surrounded by many small stores, including Japanese merchandise retailers Poya and A+1, a number of clothing boutiques, restaurants, and other shops selling cosmetics, handbags, and daily goods. In the planning of Kaohsiung city government, the Sanduo commercial district was connected with the 85-floor Tuntex Sky Tower, and Kaohsiung Multi-functional Commerce and Trade Area. Moreover, Kaohsiung MRT had already set up the station here. In recent years, because convenient transportation, the diversity of shopping quality and the international of tourism. The Sanduo commercial district had many developable potential and had gained popularity as a top shopping destination in Kaohsiung. (Travel Information) (Kaohsiung Website) (Tourism Bureau)

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